About Sundara

Kym Hilsher started traveling to India in 2007 for a previous career.  She soon fell In love with India and its treasures that it had to offer.  From the people, to the food, and most of all the textiles.  She fell in love with the color, texture, and uniqueness of what India was offering and realized there was no one showcasing the special goods that India had here in the states,

after Kym’s husband lost his job in 2010 and out of necessity of needing another income, Kym quickly realized what started out as her own hobby of bringing back her favorite pieces and jewelry would quickly turn into an idea that would launch the brand Sundara. This word originates from the word Sundar , meaning beautiful in Hindi. Which describes the line so perfectly not only in its products, but also in how it makes women feel. 

Kym started her business by attending local markets to showcase her brand and the response in the Atlanta area alone was outstanding and she knew she was on to something. Fast forward to the present and Kym currently goes in buying trips to India twice a year and even has a designer in India that she partners with to create her very own Sundara line in addition to the one of a kind European pieces that she has to offer. 

One thing for sure, whether you  are young or old, Sundara has something for you to bring out your own style and personality. Kym has a passion for her customers and nothing brings her more joy than connecting with them and bringing out their unique style. 

Because Sundara customers are spread across the US, Kym launched www,Sundarastyle.com so that her line would be accessible to women everywhere 

Kym resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Russ and has two children.